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Lorian Gwynn

The world of the child intrigues Lorian Gwynn. With age, the environment changes and the world loses its innocence. Different, yet also similar, is the effect nature has on her. In nature, responsibilities and obligations slip away and, for Lorian, humans seem closer to their true feelings. During her trip to Indonesia last year, Lorian met some of her Indonesian family members for the first time. This influenced her when she returned to the Netherlands, as she began to paint images based on the Indonesian jungle. Within her paintings, she recreates her own world, where memories of the past and nature constantly intertwine. Sometimes her works arise from photographs, other times it is an atmosphere or feeling, based on her own experience that is the source of her work. Even in the way she paints, memories are tangible. She often builds up her work from light to dark. Creating depth by building up and breaking down layers is reminiscent of time passing.

Written by: Hagar Schurina