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At the moment I am engaged with jungle nature images I saw this summer in Indonesia when I visited and met my family in Jakarta for the first time. A journey that made great impact on me and therefor also on my work. Certain things I see in my surroundings that appeal to me, memories and experiences from my personal life get translated into my artistic practice. And ghostly figures portrayed as a vague memory are haunting the landscape within my work. Nature and the power it embodies is extremely inspiring to me, I can translate tales and emotions from the past and present through this connection. The Indonesian and dutch roots I have both find a place in my work.

I strive to work in a spacious manner because I believe the openness of the image is very important. This way I can convey what moves me without words.

The use of material plays a big role in my practice, I am constantly looking for the physical possibilities to realize my ideas. I capture light in fairly dark images for which I use different techniques. Creating built-up and torn down layers, to create depth and meaning more from the act of painting itself.

This approach gives me room to work freely and to come up with new discoveries.


Fog in the early morning
180 x 130 cm
Paste and oil paint on canvas

Kinderen uit Bogor
180 x 150 cm
Oil paint on canvas
Collection Museum Voorlinde

40 x 45 cm
Paste, sand and oil paint on canvas

160 x 140 cm
Oil paint on canvas

Behind the waterfall
100 x 75 cm
Acryl and oil paint on canvas

Fog in the early morning 2
50 x 40 cm
Oil paint on canvas